Common Mistakes When Buying Zumba Shoes and How to Avoid Them

Zumba is a mixture of aerobics and dance, which was created by Alberto Perez in the year 1990. Later he sold this dance fitness programme to Zumba Fitness limited. After that, they started spreading this dance fitness programme through various marketing campaigns. Now Zumba is practiced by almost 15 million people every week over 185 countries. From these figures, you can just guess that how popular this fitness programme is. Many people also get severe injuries during the session. One of the most common reasons for such damage is choosing the wrong footwear. This article will talk about buying mistakes, and it will also provide some tips to avoid those mistakes.

Common Mistakes of Buying Zumba Shoes

Choosing the wrong pair of shoes can cause you various health complications and make you more prone to get feet injuries. Using the incorrect pair of shoes for your Zumba session for a long time can cause you chronic joint pain. An average session can last up to 1 hour, and in this time you go through various high-intensity body movements. People usually make these mistakes.

  • Many people bring their ordinary gym shoes to their Zumba class. Gym shoes are designed to provide you extra grip to perform the heavy exercises. The grip creates resistance to your feet. The firm grip restricts your feet movement and creates acute muscle injuries.
  • Many people also get bigger shoes and think that it will relax their feet. If they don’t fit you correctly, the chances are you will get yourself injured very soon.
  • Most people choose regular heavy shoes and think that it will protect their feet. In reality, heavy sneakers cause serious harm to your foot arches and ruin the structure of your feet arch.
  • Many people bring their regular dance shoes. They can’t absorb shock correctly. That is why bringing regular dance shoes are a terrible idea.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes

Zumba shoes protect your feet from getting injured. Before buying shoes for your Zumba class make sure it has certain qualities, like:

  • The shoes should be extremely lightweight. You should avoid extra weight to prevent getting tired quickly.
  • The sole of the shoes should be thick, and they should be able to provide excellent quality cushioning.
  • The shoes should be snugly fitted to your feet. It should not be too tight or too lose.
  • To avoid ankle sprain, choose the shoes which have excellent ankle support.
  • The sole of the shoe should not provide too much grip. Choosing less grippy shoes for Zumba session will help you to avoid muscle pain.


Choosing the right pair of shoes can be confusing sometimes. Talk to your Zumba instructor and ask the person to recommend you a good quality sneaker. You may also visit a shoe expert to analyze your feet and choose the right one for your training sessions. You can also see a wide selection of quality Zumba sneakers at